Day 3

Today was sort of busy/not busy.  Mostly a great deal of procrastinating on getting housework done.

I managed to get laundry finished but still need to fold it.  During laundry time, I watched one of my favorite movies, “Gosford Park”.  While I watched I worked on a sock but I didn’t get any pictures.

But I got a post done for day 3!

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Day 2

Today was spent celebrating Father’s Day with B and El but I managed to squeeze in 10 minutes of craftiness to knock out the second sleeve of my new smock.  So here are my sleeves all pressed and stacked super neatly.  I’m not sure which part I’ll start next.  I might just swallow the frog, so to speak, and work on the body of the garment.

Smock sleeves
Look how neat!

Father’s Day was awesome.  We went to see a movie, ate lunch out and spent the rest of the afternoon in junk food induced comas.  (Also did some laundry).  Not a half bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Now I’m off to eat a light dinner and practice some dances for next week’s ballroom lesson.

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The Hand Sewing Tale

I love hand sewing.  I love the connection I feel to past seamstresses when I sit down in a quiet place and work.  It’s meditative.  Why I don’t do this more often is a mystery.  I suppose I was feeling uninspired; using the time old argument of ‘not enough time.’

Then I attended a workshop by The Modern Maker.

I had the distinct pleasure of taking his workshop on the construction of female doublets. Eight hours spent learning hand sewing techniques, garment adjustments and story time from Spanish tailoring books.  If you have the good fortune to learn from Matthew, do so. He is an amazing teacher and a wealth of knowledge.

More than the technical skills, I left feeling inspired so I decided to start by sewing a women’s shirt by hand.

I’m hemming all the edges by hand then plan on joining the pieces together with a fagoting stitch.  IMG_0325

Today I finished the first sleeve.  There’s no logic as to why I started with the sleeve; just seemed the thing to do.  I’m using a running stitch to on the little hems.

I’m also tracking the time on the production of the garment.  I’m interested to see how long it takes.

The other thing I’ve decided to do is join the 100 days of A&S challenge.  Not all of my projects will be historical in nature, but I’m excited to share even the small bits of what I’m working on and having a reason to get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis.

Today is Day One!



Slow to post and an observation

Saturday we attended an SCA event and had a really lovely time.  This event was particularly significant as this was the first one B had been able to attend since having back surgery in March.  Watching him walk around, visit with friends and really relax was just great.  I think that’s what made the event so special and wonderful for me.

Since B is still restricted as to how much he can lift, (his back is still healing) we chose to pack light.  Usually, we take a pavilion of some kind.  We have an ugly pop-up as well as a really nice period style pavilion.  Because of B’s physical restrictions, we didn’t take either, choosing instead to put as little as possible into our wagon and see if we could snag some shade from friends.

We set up next to the rapier list field.  Our little group was made up of the 3 of us.  There were a few more people sitting around us, all without a shady place to sit.  There were lovely pavilions on either side of us, each containing people we knew.

The day was lovely, but hot with no shade.  El and I made a little shade by lying on the ground and covering our heads with another cloth which was supported by out wagon and a couple of chairs.  We got up and walked a bit, sat up to catch a breeze but remained mostly in the sun.

As we sat there, chatting with friends, a young man came over to ask if we’d like to move out of the sun and sit under a pavilion that had been set up for public use.  Another young man offered to help us move our things while another led B toward the pavilion.  In no time flat we were all settled in the shade profusely thanking our hosts.  (I wish I’d gotten their names.  I’d like to give them a gift.)

So what’s the point of this story?  B and I have a policy of hospitality.  When we take a pavilion to an event, we keep an eye out for people who might need shade.  I’ve attended events where we had so many people sharing our space that I had a hard time finding a seat!  Many, many times over the years, the people that we’ve welcomed into our humble shade have offered to share their food or drink with us.  We offer food and drink to those in our space.

The point is that I was saddened that no one who knew us offered us space.  Yes, perhaps we could have asked.  To me, that seems a bit presumptuous.  I’d prefer that the offer be made by the pavilion owner to make sure they had the space available.  That begs another question…did the people on either side of us have the space?  From what I could see, yes, they did.

Hospitality generosity of spirit cost us nothing.  Being kind costs us nothing.  My day wasn’t ruined by the lack of cordiality on the part of others.  Rather, it was enhanced by the young men who did exhibit that spirit.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.



Spring break started this week and we really have no huge plans.  El is having a friend over this afternoon then ballroom lessons tonight.  I’m working on a new kirtle and playing around with my journal then probably going to work and a needlepoint project.

I’ve been looking at lots of historical clothing lately.  I really love the 17th century stuff, the idea of 18th century and just dressing in a retro manner in general.  There are so many lovely blogs out there where talented people are sharing their creations and the events the garments might have been created for.

I’d love to do something outside of my normal venue for costuming creation, but I have a tough time finding other organizations to participate in.  I reckon I’m either not looking in the right place or Georgia just doesn’t have a whole lot of those organizations around.  I’m going to keep looking though.  I am so inspired by the creation of others.

Kirtle pics later this week and I’ll shared my monthly layout.  I’m pretty stoked about it.


Bowling for Yarn

For ages, I have searched for the perfect yarn bowl.  I know what you’re thinking.  “How hard can it be?  It’s just a bow with a weird squiggle thing for the yarn.  What’s the big deal?”  Oh no, my friends, you are mistaken.  It is entirely a big deal.

I searched high and low.  I looked at wooden bowls, but deemed to fraught with the peril of splinters to hold my fabsome yarns.  I looked at ceramic bowls, lovingly thrown by their creators only to discover that the color was off *just* a bit or the bowl was wobbly looking, or too small, or too big, or out of stock.  You see where this is taking me?  My frustration!  My despair.

And then, a miracle.  A wonderful little shop near my home stocked yarn bowls.  Granted these bowls were unencumbered by either splinters or paint, but I was determined to end my quest.

Behold!  My yarn bowl!

I would love to tell you that I made this entire thing; that I was up to my eyeballs in clay shaping this little bowl like a champ.  I was not.  Instead, I was up to my eyeballs in paint choices and I applied them like a boss.  I am the first to admit that I’m no artist.  I’m a pretty half-ass painter at best, but I love my little bowl.  The color is soothing and I really like the little speckles on the inside.  All in all, I’d say this little guy was worth the wait.



Starting at around age 13 I began a love affair with calendars.  I love calendars.  I love writing in what I’m going to do or what I’ve done, looking ahead to see what’s up, using colorful pens to note special days.  In the beginning, my calendars were very simple.  I picked up a free one that Hallmark used to give out, use it until the end of the year, then grab another.  As I got older, the calendars got larger, then got smaller, then settled into a nice mid-size.

Through all these calendars and planners, I never found one that really had all things I needed.  Then, this month, I discovered the Bullet Journal.  It’s a pretty tight system that you can alter to fit your needs.  At its most basic, all you need is a notebook and a good pen.  Did I mention I don’t do much basic?

I saw these first on Pinterest and ohmylord…they were glorious.  Tons of cool layouts, beautiful artwork, everyone so organized that my teeth hurt.  I knew I had to be a part of this.

Not giving in to temptation just yet, I bought a basic composition book and a few pens.  Okay, a lot of pens.  And a mechanical pencil.  Or two.  But that’s not the point.  I sat down ready to start my journal.  I made an index and then a future events page.  Okay, I never said I was an artist but it’s fun to pretend that I am!  After this, came the monthly pages.

Look at the grid! Those lines!! I even tried to print really neat!

After the monthly, comes the weekly layout.  I tried a couple of different layouts and the third one, (don’t have a picture of that yet) is the one I stuck with.  I also made a cover, (because the composition book was gross looking) and am slowly making my way through all the things I want to keep track of.  Barely a month in and I really, really love doing this!

Lately, I’ve been spending far more time than I should getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest.  There are some really spectacular, time-consuming journals out there.  There are also the very minimalistic but still stunning journals.

For a girl who loves a good office supply store, this could be a dangerous and expensive new hobby.