August marked the one year anniversary of our return to the SCA after a 10 absence.  It’s been an interesting year to say the least.  I started this blog, forgot about it as we scrambled to get garb together, feast gear, armor, (both rapier and now heavy) and all the other little things that one seems to need to play in the SCA.  It’s remarkable what one needs!

I have to say that, after 10 years away, I’d expected the SCA to change a little.  In some ways it has, in other ways it has not.  One thing that I have noticed is the use of technology keeping folks connected.  I absolutely love this.  In our particular case, this has come in very handy.  Though we are proud to live in the wonderful Kingdom of Meridies, we are a bit sad to be living in Kingdom Lands.  What does this mean?  Well, no local group.  No group for fighter practices, meetings…pretty much all the local things that, to my mind are the heartbeat of the SCA experience.  Our contact with our new SCA friends is limited to posts on Facebook and making events once or twice a month.  It can be a bit disheartening but we trudge on, not being one’s to give up.

And that, the feeling a bit disconnected, is one of the reasons for this blog.  Originally I’d intended to document our first year.  I think now I’ll post about projects I’m working on, link to other blogs I like and do my best to network with all you other SCA folks.  I’m looking forward to the challenge and to hearing from everyone else out there in SCA blogland!

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