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A Viking We Will Go

The gown you see is my very first attempt at Viking anything.  For the undergown, I sort of cheated and used something I already had.  For the apron though..well, I agonized over that thing.  A friend gave me the instructions that she uses for her aprons.  They seemed very full and feminine to me and I really liked that a lot.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the link for the exact directions I used but here’s a link for a very similar method: Norse Apron Dress.

Both the undergown and apron are made of linen.  The brooches were a birthday gift from my sweet hubby, (sort of a hint to “get that apron done!”) and the beads were a gift from one of my Laurels.   At the time I took this picture, I’d only embroidered the top of the apron but I’ve since embroidered the hem as well as a couple of seams on it.  I plan on wearing it to a 12th night event so I’ll try to get some Viking Action shots!

3 thoughts on “A Viking We Will Go

  1. Thanks, Sandy!!! You what's funny, a friend of mine showed up at the event wearing Viking and the same color combination!!! She had a green apron and a purple dress though. I called her my evil twin. 🙂


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