I’d meant to post this earlier…like several days earlier, but time got away from.  I’ve actually made much more progress on this bodice than the pictures would have you believe.  All I have left to do on the bodice itself is sew the shoulders together.  Then I add the skirt and plug away at putting in eyelets up the sides.

I’d wanted to have the entire piece finished by the end of the month but I’m trying to be realistic here; that simply isn’t going to happen.  Back in the day, when I was 10 years younger and much more energetic I’d crank out a piece of garb in no time flat.  But what I ended up with was a closet full of crap and not much else.  My goal, upon returning to the SCA was quality over quantity; if I can’t do a good job on the garment I want, then I won’t rush it.  I’d rather have something I took my with that looks nice and has good work behind it than a piece of junk that barely makes it through one event.

To that end, I’m recycling a dress I made ages ago to wear at the end of the month.  The only thing I have to make for it is a chemise.  That’s right, I have no undergarments to wear with late period things…probably because I only have three late period things I kept!  The chemise is cut out and ready to be sewn up once my daughter goes back to and have some quiet time to myself.

Hope you all had a lovely, lovely weekend!

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