Promises, promises

One of the things I promised myself upon returning to the SCA was that I would not, under any circumstance, sew at the very last minute for an event.  No way.  Not me.  I don’t like the stress of it!  It makes me crazy!

We’re going to an event tomorrow.  I’ll bet you can guess what I’m doing today.  I can justify it though!!  I really can!  It’s only a hem, and removing some basting stitches, and putting in some fasteners for cuffs.  At least it’s not an entire garment.  (And we’ve all been there and done that haven’t we?  Or is it just me?  Please don’t tell me it’s just me!)

So when it’s all complete, and it will be complete this afternoon not at midnight tonight, (famous last words, right?) I’m going to put up a picture of the finished product on my dress dummy.  Just to keep me honest.  And to prove to myself that I can get it done before midnight…I hope.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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