I had a fantastic weekend at Midwinter A&S hosted by the wonderful Barony of Southdowns.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make time to get any pictures of myself in the dress with all my bling.  It wasn’t a lot of bling, but it was nice.  Instead, I offer you this picture of perfectly lovely piece of peanut butter pie from Mary Mac’s Tea Room.  We chose to skip out on feast and share dinner here with a group of our dearest friends.  Best decision ever!

Now I’m mulling over my next project.  I’d wanted to make a Flemish working woman’s gown but I find myself more and more interested in fleshing out my own persona, 13c. English.  I want to do something with embroidery, or maybe make wardrobe more appropriate for my persona.  I’m not sure what I’ll tackle next, but I know it will be fun!

One thought on “Oops!

  1. Fleshing out your persona sounds interesting. Jim has been doing 15th Century lately, so I want to start researching that a bit more than “Hey, that's a cool dress”.


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