Wow.  I’ve been away for longer than I thought!  Life has interfered with blogging, but the interference has been filled with joy and fun.  The months of April and May are hugely busy around here.  Lots of birthdays to celebrate, and anniversary and, 5 weeks ago, we added a new puppy to our household of critters.

On the sewing front, I’m in a state of flux.  I want to pursue my 13c. clothing but have fallen in love with the front-laced kirtles of the 15th century!  What’s a girl to do??  Pattern the thing out, that’s what!  I’ll show you the results and maybe start a dress diary of my trials and tribulations.

I’ve also gotten very interested in count work, specifically using the long armed cross-stitch.  It’s so much fun and super easy, too.  I’ll take a pic of my first project and post it this weekend.

Now, off to catch up on all the blog posts I missed!

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