First, I’d like to thank those who responded to my post entitled, “Choices.”  I really loved reading about your choices for the where and when of your persona.  I have some other questions I’d like to pose but for now I’m just going to post those pics I promised.

First pincushion

Both patterns were taken right from the West Kingdom Needleworker’s website.  I haven’t formed this one into a pincushion yet, but I will.  They were worked in cotton DMC floss on linen.  I can’t remember the count of the linen off the top of my head, but I know it’s pretty small.

Start of second pincushion

I really enjoy working in long-arm cross stitch.  It’s a fairly simple stitch but the way it looks is just so appealing to me!  And these are neat little projects to carry in my basket to events.  Definitely keeps me busy, but not too busy. 🙂

Progress on the kirtle is sloooow.  I started drafting the pattern, did a little more research and decided my first pattern sucked so I’m going to start over.  Starting over is a bit frustrating, but I hope it will be worth the effort!

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