Wrong Side!
Check out those hawt seams!

Yes, this is a boring dress.  The 13c. was like that…kinda dull.  But what makes this dress pretty neat, for me anyway, is that you are looking at the wrong side of the garment.  Why is that neat, you may wonder?  (And why are those arms so damn long?  But I’ll get to that in a tick.)  It’s neat because I made a commitment to slow my crazy self down and take the time to finish this garment by hand.  Yes, I sat down and finished all the seams by hand.  Honestly, I thought for sure that the process would just suck.  Boy, was I wrong.  Not only did I enjoy the process but I now have the overwhelming urge to pull anything out of my wardrobe with serged edges and ‘fix’ them.   I’m going to try to refrain from that bit of madness, though.

The finishing is kinda sloppy in some places.  That comes from inexperience in this ’cause I did my dead-level best to make this thing super neat!  And why are the sleeves so long?  No, I don’t have ape-like limbs.  I want them to scrunch up around my wrist when I wear this dress so they have a little length on them.  (Scrunch is a super fancy sewing term.  Seriously.  Look it up. 😉 )

I’m still plugging away at my embroidery project and hope to have enough done for a decent picture of it.  I’ve also made good progress on my kirtle project.  I’ve got to make time to sew the mock pieces together and the fitting will begin!  I’m thinking about doing a dress diary of the project, but it seems a bit daunting.  Never fear, I will have pics of one kind or another.

So my boring dress was supposed to be worn for the Saltare event, but we didn’t end up going.  My baby girl wasn’t feeling well at all so we stayed home and just enjoyed each other’s company.  I was a little bummed to miss the event; so many folks I wanted to visit with and I’d even practiced the dance music, but I think there will be other opportunities to play.  In the mean time I’ll take advantage of having this dress finished to think of what kind of embroidery I want to slap on it.

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