Such a lovely weekend.  Saturday we hosted an “SCA Workday/Open house” sort of thing.  Basically, we invited a couple of friends over to hang out and work on whatever projects they had that needed working on.  This was a nice shot in the arm for my husband and I as we live in Kingdom Lands and don’t often have the opportunity to get together with others for SCA foo outside of events.  We have plans to host another one in a few months and hope to work on bigger projects.

If you don’t know, and I’m not sure who might not be aware of this, living in Kingdom Lands means you have no local group.  This is the first time in our long association with the SCA we’ve had no local group.  It’s a strange existence, honestly and has it’s pros and cons.  How many of you have ever been in this position?  I’d love to hear from  you and know how you cope with it?  Did you find it isolating?  Liberating?  Let’s share notes!

2 thoughts on “Workish

  1. How about a local group you don't want to hang out with? You feel guilty every once awhile that you should be doing something to support the local group. But then you find them at an event, and while the people have changed, the attitudes have not.


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