Inspiration is a funny and fleeting thing.  After my last post I was super amped to get stuff done.  Then it went away.  I chalk it up to the marking of a sad event, (we lost both our dogs one year ago July 13), then we took off to visit family for a bit.  Somewhere between then and now my inspiration done got spent.

I’d like to thank each of you that joined in on that chat about Kingdom Lands.  I really love reading your thoughts.  Rather than write one big post to address the comments, I just put something to each of you in the comment section.  I’m just too lazy that way.  🙂

I think probably the entire Knowne World is at Pennsic right now!  I’ve never been but it’s a goal of mine to get there one day.  If you’ve been, did you enjoy it?  If not, what big wars have you attended and what did you think?  What are your very favorite events?  I’d love to know!

3 thoughts on “Fleeting

  1. Oh, Pennsic! I haven't been in several years now, school calendars being what they are. Next year might be different, as I hear it is being held earlier. With that in mind, I'm working on getting fit enough to handle it. It can be hot and a lot of work, but to be able to spend two weeks indulging in medieval geekery with 12,000 like-minded people is something that must be experienced. I've made wonderful friends, learned amazing things and made memories that will be treasured forever.


  2. I've never been to Pennsic, sadly. It's a bit of a pilgrimage, but one I will do one day. My favorites that I've been to are Estrella War, and Uprising War. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to travel out of Artemisia in quite a few years. 😦


  3. Pennsic is fun, but it can be hot and a lot of work. Pennsic will be held one week earlier next year, so maybe some more southern folks can make it? I don't know, the trip alone would be daunting. Jim has gone to Gulf Wars a oouple of times and really likes it. It's a two day trip from here. I wouldn't mind going to other wars and see how they are. I don't think Pennsic as the market on large events. But it would be an either or situation as I don't like boarding the hounds that much.


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