We’re getting ready to go to an event this weekend and I’ve broken a promise to myself…well, I broke it then fixed it.

I used to sew new garb right before events.  I think all of us do that.  We wait until the very last minute and then rush to get it done.  Many times it’s because things simply get in the way of the project we’ve dreamed of completing; outside commitments, work commitments, family…all of our day to day concerns can seem to really conspire against even the best laid plans.

When we got active in the SCA again, I promised myself that I absolutely would not make garb in the last week before an event.  No way.  I would not put myself through the stress of it.  Last night I found myself sitting on the sofa struggling with some eyelets on a kirtle that I dearly wanted to have finished by this weekend’s event.  In the back of my mind I knew it would be finished.  I also knew that the kirtle was just one part of a larger project and I found myself regretting that I would only be wearing one piece rather than the entire ensemble.  I put down my needle and thread and took a hard look at the kirtle.  The work was awful.  My stitches were sloppy.  The eyelets were looking ugly and uneven.  At that moment I realized that I was doing myself a disservice and that I deserved a better garment;  a completed garment and wearing something half-assed was just not going to cut it any more.  I folded up the dress, and took it upstairs to put on my sewing table.  I’ll get to it when we get back.   When I have the time the garment deserves.

So, when I post next I should have pictures of a lovely weekend.  No, I won’t be wearing a spiffy kirtle, but I’ll be much less stressed out and will have a super time.

In the mean time, I wanted to share this really wonderful article I stumbled across.  I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this…authenticity!!  Read and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Frazzled

  1. I know exactly what you mean! The red petticoat bodies I that quickly put together sucks. I can fix it, but I feel bad that what started out with grand ambitions ended up looking, well, like crap.

    Oh, I have some lacing eylets for you. I just need to get them in the mail. They're purty. I hope you like them.


  2. Oh, I love the article. She is dead-on. We have Elizabethan period evenings and events separate from the SCA, and we still skirt issues of religion, women's roles and/rights (or lack). It's very difficult because it's uncomfortable to be acting in a way that's no longer acceptable.

    I once had a visitor at Jamestown make a comment about how simple living in 1607 was (very romantizied notions going on there) and I mentioned that while it would be cool to visit, I like modern medicine and vaccines. It made hime think.


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