Soul pad


It was so humid as we set up last night. I don’t mind heat too much but humidity kills me. Icky!!

I realized last night I didn’t mention the name of the event. We’re attending Tourney of the Foxes hosted by the Shire of Vulpine Reach, Kingdom of Meridies. Since coming back to the SCA, this is only the 3rd time we’ve camped for an event and the 2nd in our new tent. Here’s a pic of our tent.
(If I remember correctly, blogger is going to put the pic at the bottom of the post. Just bear with me!)

The next pic is our humble list side pavilion complete with cute kid. We haven’t gotten around to period chairs but maybe we will one of these days.

I believe fighting is going to start in a bit. I plan on hitting the archery targets today and visiting with friends. Sunday’s post will filled with pics because I’ll use my regular camera for the remainder of the event rather than my phone. (but if anything cool happens, I’ll blog it right up in here! Lol !)

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