Recycled…or I’m Finally Finished!

I’ve been working super hard on my Flemish project for the last couple of months and in at came together this week in time for me to wear it to an event!!  Yay me!  The only thing I didn’t get done was a linen coif.  One of the few things I hadn’t ditched when we dropped out of the SCA was a little coif I’d slapped some blackwork on and that did the trick nicely.

So why does the post have the word ‘recycled’ in the title?  Because that’s what I did with the garment.  I recycled on gown to make another.  I’m a big advocate of recycle and, since we’re a single income family, every little bit helps.  Let’s look at where this project started:

This is an Italian gown in the style of Campi’s Fruitseller that I made the first year we got active.  I wore it once.  It’s poorly made, way too big on me, (I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I made it) and after wearing it that one time I knew I was never going to wear it again.  I hate wasting stuff. So, when I started on the Flemish project, I knew I’d need something for the outer gown.  I decided to take this eggplant colored number and recycle it.   It morphed into what you see on the right.  (I wish it morphed!!  Not that easy.  LOL!)

I salvaged the skirt and the sleeves, removed every stitch of trim, hook and eye on it, re-hemmed it and hand-finished all the seams.  The under gown is linen from my stash, machine sewn but all hand finished.  The partlet is wool lined in raw silk.

I used Drea Leed’s wonderful site as guidance and did a great deal of foraging on my own for inspiration.  My outer gown is a bit different from hers…more seams.  The whole garment needs tweaking but I’m completely thrilled with the look.  I got lots of compliments on how pretty and comfortable I looked, (and don’t we all like to hear that from time to time?) but the best thing said to me was, “It looks like real clothes!”  For someone who sews costumes, that’s music to my ears!

2 thoughts on “Recycled…or I’m Finally Finished!

  1. I love the outfit and you look great in it. Is it stiffened or are you wearing a corset? I'm envious – I need to work on projects but seriously lacking some motivation at the moment.


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