Shout out!

Thanks for those who stopped in to comment on my efforts!  I really appreciate it!  I wanted to write a short post to address those comments because one comment was a specific question that I hadn’t thought to address when I wrote up the ever so brief info on the whole Flemish look.  Let’s shout out to Edyth first!

Thank you so much for the compliment, Edyth!  I think all of us spend so much time and effort on pieces that end up never seeing the light of day again and I found myself frustrated by that!  It seemed like such a waste.  I hope other folks get inspired.  If nothing else, one could recycle a gown to make clothes for kids, pouches or any number of things.

Sandy asked if the bodice was stiffened at all.  First, hey woman!!!  🙂  The kirtle underneath has a smidge of rigilene on the front only.  I also used a heavier fabric in between to give it a little bulk.  The gold linen was pretty thin and my girls don’t have the bounce they once did.  🙂  The outer gown only has boning up the front to support the lacing rings.  That linen is a bit heavier and I added more weight by sandwiching a heavier fabric between the the lining and the outer layer.  Honestly, it didn’t need it.  When I make this again, the outer gown will be wool and it really doesn’t need to be that heavy.  (And I live in Georgia.  It’s hot.  So yeah, Flemish chicks didn’t have to deal with that.  LOL!)

I should have taken a picture of the back without the partlet.  The outer gown armsyce (sp?) is square where the kirtle is the more normal egg-shape.

The whole thing needs a bit of tweaking, mainly the bodice on both gowns.  I’m adding a seam to the back of the kirtle and the outer gown, lowering the back edge of both and making better sleeves.  And taking the whole thing in.  Oddly, I made this sucker a bit big but better too big than too small!

So Sandy, get your ass inspired!!  Go Flemish!  It’s awesome to wear, no corset required and it’s just super cool.  And check out Edyth‘s blog.  She has a killer tutorial on headwear.  Super creative way to cover your noggin!

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