What’s your coping mechanism when you feel stress?  Mine is to sleep.  It wasn’t always that way.  I used to fret and lose sleep.  Fret, smoke, eat a lot of crappy food, drink too much, maybe smoke again then fret.  Now I just want to fall into a coma, convinced that blue-fingered gnomes will come in and complete whatever task needs completing.

Alas, my magical thinking skills don’t work that way.  I’ve been slapped silly with projects I’m determined to complete, a class I’ve volunteered to teach and let’s not even look at stuff I’ve committed to do for and with my daughter.  (I like that stuff the best.  🙂

So, let’s take a breath here.  I’m not complaining one bit.  All of the things I need to get done are things are really excited about.  I’m finishing up a dress for my baby girl, I’ve tweaked my Flemish over-gown and kirtle patterns to within an inch of their little pattern-y lives and they should look great in their next incarnations, I’m making pants for my sweetie and the class I’m working on is a beginner class on spinning.  All the spindles are made.  I just have to knock out a solid handout and I’m good!  Then, it’s on to my next set of projects.

So let’s talk about this weekend.  I went to Midwinter hosted by the Barony of Southdowns.  It’s a lovely event.  I spent most of the day sitting around and chatting.  The only pictures I took were with my cell phone and I took them of the sock monkey my daughter had sent with me to keep me company.  Oh look, here’s a particularly lovely picture now.
                                                                          Time to work on projects!!

Baroness Muirenn giving my monkey sugar.

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