We had a really nice weekend and things seem to be slowing around here.  I taught a class in spinning at an event called Jour d’Amour on Saturday.  In the run-up to the event, the majority of my time was devoted to finishing my daughter’s dress, making spindles for the class, making the handouts then putting everything together.  To the left is my sad, but functional little spindle.

I had three students in my class and they asked great questions.  I learned a lot about tweaks I need to make in the class.  One student suggested breaking it out into a series of classes because we wanted more discussion on period sheep breeds.  We also didn’t have enough time for folks to get to try my wheel.  And, even though I thought I could handle teaching a total of 6 students to spin, teaching 3 took a great deal of time so I’m glad the class did not fill up.  (But I have a lot of leftover spindles and fiber!)  I’m pretty sure I’ll teach this class again if there’s a call for it.

The event very nice.  I got to spend the day visiting with old friends, making a few new ones and knitting.  Unfortunately for me, I started getting a cold on Thursday and felt completely craptastic through the entire weekend.  I slept most of the day Sunday.  😦

I only have two other projects to complete before I can dive into something new and I’m holding myself to that!!  Let’s see how long that resolution lasts.  🙂

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