I don’t know about y’all, but I get distracted.  Easily distracted.  Right now I’m distracted by the notion that I must learn needlepoint and put heraldry on canvas in a most period way.  I’m not sure why this notion has gripped me the way it has, but there it is.  Sure, I’m still sewing along, still have other projects going, but I’m feeding this weird needlepoint craving as I go along.  Looking at Mary Stuart’s work housed in the V&A, like that lovely bit below, or going through my extensive stash of yarn and discovering that I have some really good stuff that could be used for these little projects….these little heraldic slips that I want to make.  I’ve already grabbed the canvas I need, looked at some stitches and, who knows, I might have something committed to said canvas by this time tomorrow.

The Marian Hanging, by Mary Queen of Scots

Or I could get distracted by something else.  Look!  A squirrel!!!

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