Out of Whack

It’s utterly astonishing how being sick can really knock the stuffing right out of you.  I started feeling crappy a couple of weeks ago and just blew it off.  Honestly, it seemed to me I was just getting a cold or something goofy like that.  I kept on doing my thing.  A little slower perhaps.  Maybe even a little less inspired, (though I did manage to become obsessed with needlepoint…and still am), but by this past weekend my head was stuffed and I was utterly miserable.  I went to see my doctor Monday afternoon and I have the Mother of all sinus infections.  I’m taking a big honking antibiotic, and spend a great deal of my time blowing my nose, hoping for air or sleeping.  I think today is the perkiest I’ve been in awhile.

I think the upside of being ill is all that lying around.  I mean, you get a chance to think.  I didn’t necessarily thing about what I wasn’t getting done.  Seriously, who cares when you’re solely responsible for keeping the entire tissue industry in business not to mention the makers of Nyquil and any other drug that can make on pass out.  But I thought a lot about my wardrobe, stuff I want to make and stuff I want to finish and, since I seem to have my perk on, I plan to get to it.  Perhaps after another nap.  Or after I attempt to blow my nose.  Again.  I won’t share pictures of that.  It’s gross.

Instead, let’s talk about you.  I’ve been looking for something fun to read.  What have you read lately related to all things medieval?  Any recommendations?

One thought on “Out of Whack

  1. “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel was recommended to me by a good friend. She really enjoyed it. It's about Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII.
    I also finished a book called “Elizabeth Virgin Queen?” which talks about whether Elizabeth was a virgin or not, and her possible children could be. While I totally didn't agree with the thoughts, I read about relationships of Elizabeth and her court with each other which I ofund fascinating. I hope you get to feeling better!


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