The past couple of days have been busy!  Not much in the way of sewing was accomplish but a great deal of celebrating was done.  Mother’s Day to celebrate and a wonderful birthday for my baby on Monday, an end of school party yesterday…things are back to normal today.  Well, normal in that now it’s the first day of summer break!  Yay for summer break!

I received this in the mail Monday and was just over the moon with excitement!


I’m so happy to finally have a copy of this book for myself.  Happy and a bit daunted.  It’s shown me just how much I don’t know about underpinnings and I’m seriously considering ripping out the handwork I started on my entry in IRCC3 to make it better…or at least make me feel better about it!  Maybe I’ll make that decision when I see how far I get on the other patterning I need to do.

I wanted to share this wonderful find with you from the blog A Stitch in Time.  It seems the Metropolitan Museum of Art has put a great number of it’s out of print publications online in their entirety. I haven’t had time to browse as much as I’d like, but just a glance shows there to be some really wonderful finds.  Here’s just a taste:

The Art of Chivalry: European Arms and Armor from The Metropolitan Museum of ArtNickel, Helmut, Stuart W. Pyhrr, and Leonid Tarassuk(1982)

The Art of Medieval Spain, A.D. 500–1200The Metropolitan Museum of Art(1993)

David and Bathsheba: Ten Early Sixteenth-Century Tapestries from the Cluny Museum in 
ParisSchrader, J. L.(1974)

I hope you have a great day and have time to check out this wonderful resource!

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