Shout out!!

This is quick, but needs to be shouted out!  Shout out to my friend Dianora who’s my partner in the IRCC 3 challenge.  Dianora is on hell of a lace maker, volunteering maniac and all ’round great person. She’s also jumped on the blog world to share her progress with everyone and that’s super exciting.  You can find her here.  Please stop in, check her progress and say hi!  Starting a blog can be tough at first, (this one is my second and I’ve been blogging off and on for 9 years) so show her some love.  🙂

And check out everyone’s progress in the IRCC 3 here.  Wow, talk about feeling a bit inadequate!  Me, I mean.  Not you.  😉  Just makes me want to work a bit harder.

Yesterday was filled with crazy and sort of a bust but today should be mellow and allow time for lots of sewing and patterning, as long as the coffee maker doesn’t poop out on me.  We could have a crisis of epic proportions if that happens, people.

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