Distraction, Part II

Even though I’ve got the bodice done for my kirtle…all it needs is a skirt…everything stopped cold because I got distracted by doing this:

 But I have a good explanation!!!  See, I’m working on getting a Fiber Arts guild started here in Meridies.  One of the ladies who joined the FB page, Anne of Grenewode, is a talented knitter and shared links to her patterns and class handout with the group.  I’ve always wanted to do color work but just never sat down with it…until I read Anne’s handout.  Best explanation ever!  So, following her instructions and using the pattern she provided I started that little bit you see over there.  I’m completely addicted now.  Seriously.  I’m not sure I want to knit anything but pouches in color.  I love it!!!!

Sock Monkey wants it as a hat.

For this particular bit, I’m using size 2 DPNs and yarn from Knitpicks ‘Palette’ series.  I’ve had this yarn for ages so I’m thrilled to get a chance to use it.  The needles are by Bryspun.  Not my favorite needle for working with wool, but I needed the length for all the stitches I was casting on.  I’ve got loads of plans for putting damn near everything I can in a knitted format.  And I want to knit with a finer yarn and smaller needles.  Yes, I’ve lost my mind.

In addition to knitting, a fiber-y order came in.  Yummy!  On the left side you see, wait for it….fake cashmere.  It’s a completely man made fiber and I can’t wait to give it a go.  On the right we have Portuguese Wool Top.  It’s pretty sticky and should spin up nicely.  I think the faux cashmere would be cool spun up really fine, dyed, and used to make a pouch…but I might be getting ahead of myself.

What have you been up to or distracted by lately?

One thought on “Distraction, Part II

  1. I'm glad you liked my hand-out! The little pouches are really fun. I've got heraldic charts in my albums on my Anne of Grenewode facebook page, if you're interested. I'm in the middle of making the SCA Kingdom series, and having a blast!


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