portuguese top · spinning · spinning Wheel


I spoke with a rep from the company that shipped my wheel and she’s putting a new bolt in the mail for me today.  Super nice and very helpful!  Although I ordered my wheel from Paradise Fibers, the order was filled by New Voyager Trading Company out of Thomasville, GA.  Great people!

With that small problem solved, I finally made time to try out my wheel.  First, it needed to be oiled.  I did so and it’s still pretty tight.  I’m going to oil it some more until it runs a bit more smoothly but I was just dying to try it out so I slapped on some Portuguese Top and gave it a go.

Wow.  Do I feel like a beginning spinner again or what?  I know part of the problem was oil…it’s just not oiled enough.  And part of it was me.  I haven’t done serious spinning in awhile.  Sure, I’ve puttered around on my Joy, but it’s action is totally different from this Kromski.  I’m pretty excited about discovering my Kromski.  In the mean time, I need to oil, oil, oil!!

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