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More Break

Super Theater seating!

In the interest of showing a bit of other stuff I did for a break allow me to present a theater.  Now, before you get all excited and thing, “Damn!!  What a brilliant idea!”  I have to tell  you that the idea was not mine.  There is a wonderful blog called My Froggy Stuff.  Wow.  This lady is so creative and talented.  Seriously.   She has a YouTube channel where she demonstrates how to make all the wonderful things she shares.  And, if you don’t feel like getting your craft on that way, she has an Etsy shop as well.  My daughter is completely in love with her videos.  I’m in love with her creativity!!

With dogs, for scale!

So, my girl fell in love with the theater project.  It took about two days to make, (we didn’t even get the decorations put on because she wanted to play with it immediately!) and this is the result.  It’s a little crooked, but I don’t think she even notices.  I know for a fact that Sheldon and Penny don’t notice.

Everyone looks so comfy!

This thing is getting a real workout.  I’m not sure how long it will last, or if she’ll ever let it go long enough for us to decorate, but it was a fun family project!

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