Happy Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful holiday.  I’m always happy when my little family is together.  We had a lovely Christmas Eve, having decided to open gifts at midnight then go back to bed.  That made for a very relaxed Christmas morning; not much to do but enjoy our gifts, each other company and prep for our dinner.

The only down side was that both my child and hubby were sick.  My baby girl got over her illness pretty quickly; I feel certain she had the flu.  My hubby though, he’s been a hot mess for going on 4 days.  We’re pretty sure it’s a cold but knowing what it is doesn’t make one feel any better about being sick during the holidays.

I’ll have some pictures up tomorrow of an embroidery project I’m very excited about as well as sharing a bit about two of my gifts that were just wonderful.

In the mean time I hope you all stay safe and well.

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