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Small Things

It’s amazing how such small things can muck up the best of plans.  Take these babies for example:

 Late Friday afternoon, as we were all standing around in our backyard waiting for the dogs to finish their business, these two kittens wandered in like they owned the place.  We took them in the house as it was getting cold and my sweet husband asked some of the neighbors if they were missing kittens.  No luck.  I took them over to an emergency vet clinic to have them scanned for microchips.  No chips.  I contacted a local rescue group, put up notices on FB and have spent my weekend hoping that someone would claim them.  No luck.  In the mean time, they have been given a place in a local rescue group once the vet clinic the group uses opens up again on January 2.

In the mean time, we’ve name them Merry and Pippin because they are super attached to one another   The first full day with us was awkward.  They seemed unsure about their surroundings and ate like they hadn’t had a decent bit of food in days.  My dogs and cat were a little nervous around them as well.  Visitors!  Oh my!

Today, however, they’ve settled in like they’ve been here all along.  The dogs and cat are playing with them.  Merry and Pippin take turns snuggling on whoever happens to stop moving first.  They’re champs at the litter box and learning to scratch on a scratch mat.

Come January 2, we will hand them over and my hope is that a loving family will give them all they affection and love they so richly deserve.  We’ve become accidental foster parents and it’s been wonderful.

This turn of events, however, put a kink in my plans for sewing.  Everyone is still a bit under the weather so I’ve spent a great portion of the weekend watching over our guests and reassuring our own babies that they’re still loved.  I’m hiding upstairs for a bit in hopes of getting some embroidery done.  Maybe the kittens will pass out for a few hours while I’m away.

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