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Over the course of the weekend, I took the kittens to two adoption events.  The kittens were really well behaved and loads of people went nuts over how completely adorable they are.  Apparently, they were not adorable enough for someone to adopt.

The kittens will be spending the next few days in the kitty condo at the Petco where we have adoption events.  In the mean time, we have a new house guest.  Her name is Alouette.  She’s a black short hair, 6 months old and recently spayed.  She’s downstairs right now meeting the other members of little family.  I’ll post pictures as soon as she’s over the shy phase.

Like a lot of folks interested in historical things, my first brush with embroidery was counted cross-stitch.  My Mom taught me how to do it with simple patterns and DMC floss.  I’ve always liked the look of it.  For me, I could turn off my brain and just stitch away…until I had to count of course!

Looking for a way to incorporate what I like into a historical context, I happened upon “Stalking the Wild Assisi“, super research on void work.

Over the years, I’d collected a few books on counted work, had done a few projects, though they were decidedly modern but when I read “Stalking the Wild Assisi”, I was inspired to create my own sampler and really work on making a long armed cross stitch look good.  The picture you see above is the start of that projects.

So far I’ve learned that one should always outline first.  Don’t let excitement get the best of you!  I’ve also learned that I really like using silk and that I’m glad I have bifocals.  No way would I have been able to see any of this without them!

I’m excited about completing this porting of the sampler and choosing a different pattern to try.  I got a couple of great books as a Christmas gift and plan to use them as inspiration.  I’ll share the books with you next time.  Right now, I need to break up a kitty disagreement.

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