Of Ice and Earthquakes

Last post I wrote was about the snow.  We had snow.  It was lovely!  In the weeks leading up the Valentine’s Day, I’d been to an event and had a wonderful time.  Had good friends over for patterning, food and companionship, got new foster kitties, changed kitties and got a different foster kitty and worked on renewing a hem for a dress a friend had graciously given my daughter.

It all ground to a halt when the ice came.  By Tuesday evening, all the schools had decided to shut down and the ice was here Wednesday.  We lost power only for a few hours and managed not to make each other crazy while we all kept warm and safe in front of the fireplace.

Friday, Valentine’s Day, we went out for cozy lunch, figuring the restaurants would be packed that evening with folks as stir crazy as ourselves.  Got home, watched movies, enjoyed the warming weather and then, at about 9 pm, an earthquake.  A 4.4 earthquake to be exact.

We were freaked.

Apparently there were aftershocks today.  I didn’t notice.

You know, on balance, I think we’re pretty lucky.  It’s kind of like that scene in “The World According to Garp” when the plane hits the house Garp and his wife want to buy.  They bought it.  Because it was bad luck proofed.

Maybe my little corner of Georgia is now bad lucked proof.

2 thoughts on “Of Ice and Earthquakes

  1. I was born and lived a great deal of my earlylife in California so I know about earthquakes. The small ones were fine but the bigger ones were always unsettling. The power being off would be worse to my mind. I hope your new week goes better.


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