I’ve spent this week finishing up a new garment and, as I mentioned in an earlier post, getting my act together to teach this weekend.

In terms of teaching, I’ve decided to go with a fairly minimal handout.  I want the class to be super hands on and encourage folks taking it to do exploration on their own.  Once I have my handout compiled, (it’s going to be a list of source material and a quick sketch on how to do long armed cross-stitch) I’ll post it on my FB page for anyone who’s interested.

I’ve also been finishing up a new kirtle.  The slowest, most tedious process of the whole thing has been sewing the eyelets.  I have 40 of these little devils to sew and, honestly, I was about ready to just quit when my daughter wandered into my sewing room.  She walked over to the kirtle as it lay all crumpled and grumpy on my sewing table.  As my girl touched it she asked, “How many more eyelets do you have to do, Mommy?”  I thought for a minute then said, “I think about 16 but I really need a break from this thing.”  She smiled and said, “I can’t wait to see you in it.  You’ve worked so hard and I think you’re going to look beautiful.”  With that, she wandered away to play with her dolls.

Inspiration to continue can be found in the most simple of deeds.  I have 5 more eyelets to go and the entire thing is done.  All thanks to my inspiring baby girl.

Find your inspiration and share, if you’d like.  As for me, I’ve got a few eyelets to finish up.

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