Best Laid Plans

I spent last week working super hard, and as fast as I could, to get ready for the weekend’s event.  I managed to finish everything I needed to teach my class, got my kirtle all sewn up and ready to wear, finished the hem on a smock and managed to knock out a chemise for my daughter.  I felt very satisfied with myself…but pride goeth before a fall.

First, the kirtle didn’t fit.  I’d cut the entire bodice with an old pattern meaning it didn’t fit.  Like, it couldn’t be salvaged at all.  The bright side is that now I have a completely finished bodice that I can use to correct a host of pattern flaws.  So it worked out!  I picked something else to wear and planned on going to the event.

My daughter was spending Friday evening with a friend and the parents of said friend offered to let her stay over into Saturday until we got back from the event.  Wow!!  That’s awesome and generous.  We agreed because this event had the potential to bore her.  At 2 am I get a call.  My baby girl isn’t feeling well and wants to come home.  Hubby gets up, drives over and gets our sweetie.  She falls into bed with us and we all go back to sleep.  It’s okay!  So we’ll be a little sleep deprived but we can still make the event.

Six o’clock comes way too early…but not early enough.  We were supposed to get up at 5 to make it in time and we all slept through the alarm.  Not only did we ignore the alarm, but I have a migraine so crushingly awful that I feel sick.  There was absolutely no upside to this one.  I texted a friend who’s an early riser and spent the rest of the day eating meds and staying in dark places.

There’s an event coming up in August.  I’m teaching a class and I will have a beautifully fitting kirtle ready to go…let’s hope our run of dumb things happening is over!

This weekend, I’m in Washington D.C. for my sweetheart’s graduation.  We’re going to visit the National Mall,  as many museums as we can cram into a a couple of days and, on the drive home Sunday, we’re stopping at Agecroft Hall.  I think I’m more excited about Agecroft Hall than anything else!!  Oh yes, there will be pics.

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