A Big Idea

It’s entirely possible that the only person who sees what I’m about to propose as a ‘big idea’ is me.  It’s also entirely possible that I’m the only person paying any attention to this post.  Nevertheless, I have an idea I’d like to toss out.

I’m considering making a podcast focused on the SCA.  In my opinion, one of the things members of the SCA can be very bad at, (and most  people can be very bad at) is communication.  We don’t always do a great job of communicating with the world outside our hobby let alone the people we’ve come to know and care about in our hobby.  Sitting behind a keyboard and typing one’s response to a current crisis is all well and good, but the INTENT behind the written word can often be misinterpreted and that leads to hurt feelings and more drama.  I’m pretty sure we don’t want more drama.

The podcast I’m proposing will focus of areas of interest to members of the SCA, i.e. BoD decisions, interviews with people who’s expertise in a given area might be helpful, address question and issues that members might want to share and discuss with the world.  My goal is not to place my own opinions out there, but to provide a platform for others to share their opinions, information and expertise.

I’ve started a list of people I’d like to interview, topics I’d like to explore with you….questions I find myself asking and wonder if others ask those same questions.

What do you think?  Is this something you’d find interesting?  Do you have a topic or question you’d like to address?

I’m in the process of doing some test recordings with new software and searching for an affordable podcast platform.  In the mean time, I’d love to hear what YOU want to hear!

One thought on “A Big Idea

  1. I think anything that helps communication would be a good idea. I have a person you might consider writing to as well. He'd be a good person to interview. I will send you my private e-mail 🙂 Great idea.


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