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The Eyelets Have It

Boy, do they ever.  I sometimes think that eyelets are the very bane of my existence.  The odd thing is that I actually like sewing them.  I really enjoy all sorts of hand sewing so it really gives me fits that my eyelets are so, well, stinky.  Case in point:


These little darlings are roughly the middle 3 eyelets on one side of a kirtle which will require a total of 10 eyelets per side.  The top eyelet is like a little egg.  The middle eyelet is a bit more round and the final eyelet is a bit like a fat egg.  The stitching on the middle eyelet is probably as good as it gets.  This kirtle will have a grand total of 40 eyelets in it.  I’m betting the 40th eyelet will be perfection.

If I hide, they'll think I'm just another stuffy.
If I hide, they’ll think I’m just another stuffy.

Rather than leave you with an image of bad eyelets and a woman feeling sad about them, I offer up a pic my one of my dogs, Sheldon.  Sheldon is cute, loves to snuggle and I bet he sews up a mean eyelet.

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