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In which we learn the true meaning of ‘unnatural’ fabrics

I’ve spent the last couple of days working on a Flapper costume for El.  Finally, after 5+ hours of work on the thing today, I finished.  (I’m not even adding in pattern alteration time, fitting, cutting…all that stuff.)

Before I show you the finished garment, let’s talk about the fabric.  I’ll be honest, I was looking to find something budget friendly and shiny.  This fabric met both those criteria.  What I did not plan on was the sticky goop it left on my needle when I was hand sewing the hem, bias tape finishes and the beads on the bottom of the dress.  It was pretty gross.  Seriously.  I was cleaning my needle off about every 5-6 stitches.  If El were to stand to close to a candle in this thing she go up in flames.

DSC_0122I’ve never been happier to have these little clips in my life because this man made atrocity managed to gunk up my straight pins as well.  And no, I didn’t line it.  It came like that.  (Which was actually a selling point, all my complaints about it’s unnatural nature aside.

Complaints aside, El was very pleased with the finished product.  She looks cute as a DSC_0123_Fotorbutton and is ready to Charleston her way into the hearts of parents everywhere!  Now, on to my next project!

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