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In Which We Learn Time Does Not Stand Still

Summer has flown by for us.  The odd thing is that we didn’t stray too far from home but we had some big changes here at Casa Humours.

Cutest piggies ever!

First change; El had wanted a guinea pig for a very long time.  We set a reasonable goal and, once she met the goal, we drove up to Asheville to pick up the two newest members of our ever expanding furry family.  On the left with the white nose we have Licorice.  On the right, we have Bean.  These girls are sisters and very, very bonded.  El is very bonded to them, too.  It’s been quite the learning curve figuring out what these girls like to eat, their temperment but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  And El is a very good guinea pig mommy.

Second, El auditioned for and got on her dance studio’s competition team.  When she came out of the audition she was utterly convinced she hadn’t done well.  She was wrong!  She been dancing twice a week since August and loves every minute of it.  If she’s not dancing at practice, she’s dancing around the house.  I swear I hear tap shoes even in my sleep!

Third, and last big change, we made the decision at the end of the school year to home school El.  El enters Middle School this year and we didn’t feel that she was ready for that transition.  Not to mention the fact that she wants to dance all the time.  We’ve gotten off to a rocky start, but we’re on the right path now.  El and I are both excited and I’m really happy to have her at home.

El is growing up so fast and, as the title said, time does not stand still.  If I can have a few more years with my smart, creative baby, I’ll take them.

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