In Which I Knock Off Some Rust

My hubby, Kazimir, has been a White Scarf for a long, long time.  (I put in a hyper-link rather than explain that whole award thing.)  When he was celebrating the 20th anniversary of receiving this particular accolade I promised him that I’d get my rapier kit together and get my aged butt on the field.

It took ages for me to do it, but I finally got my kit together and jumped back into rapier combat with both feet.  But before I recount my tale of glory on the field of honor, let’s take a look at my super keen garments.

The doublet pattern is my own work.  There are a couple of things that need tweaking but, overall, I’m pleased with it.  The breeches are from Janet Arnold’s ‘Patterns of Fashion’, pg. 75.  The pattern was drawn up by a friend who graciously allowed me to copy it.IMG_1769  The breeches are HUGE but they were very, very comfortable.  Both pieces are made of linen, and the doublet has an extra layer of cotton duck as the inter-lining. I have some thoughts on making the breeches a bit smaller for my frame but not too much.  There are actually advantages to having a bit of junk in the trunk!  😉

In terms of the actually combat; it was primarily melees.  There were two tournaments but one was a Novice and the other was by invitation only.  I’m rusty, but not a novice and had no invitation to the other tournament.  So melees it was!

I got a little more confident with each round and, by the final round, I think I was one of the last members of my team still on the field!  Not bad for an old broad.  🙂

Winning was not what I was interested in, though.  It was the challenge.  Could I still sort of hold my own?  I’m rusty, sure, but it’s nothing that a little practice and more fights with a broad range of opponents won’t fix.

The most important thing was that I honored my daughter with clean bouts and a great time on the field.  I look forward to many more such days with friends both new and old.

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