The Ta-Da List

I like to make lists.  I particularly like to make lists of projects that I need/want to do.  Sometimes, I even make one list for the things that need to get done and one for the things I just really want to do.  The trick in making a list is not to make it too long.  If it’s too long, looking at it becomes overwhelming.  The list can be your focus and, before you know it, you’ve got lots of lists (or pins….Pinterest addicts know what I’m talking about) and nothing is ever really getting done.

As we close the week on our first full week of homeschooling, a couple of things have become apparent.  The first is that lists are my friend.  The second is that only the most reasonable of lists can truly be called my friend.

Looking toward  Fall and the project list, I’ve come to the conclusion that my Fall Ta-Da list should be reasonable and fun.  (It’s a Ta-Da list because, once I mark something off, I tend you yell, “TA-DA!” as if I’ve just performed the world’s best magic trick.)  I have a kirtle to finish and two things to make from scratch.  All the things on my list are fun.  (Okay, I’ll admit it.  The kirtle is like an albatross at this point but I’m pressing on!)

I hope you all have a wonderful, mellow and most groovy weekend.  I sure plan to!

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