Today is El’s first day of online classes.  So far, so good.  She had to get up a little earlier than she wanted to, but enjoyed getting to talk to the students and hear the teacher’s lecture.  I sat in on this one but, in future, my plan is to leave the room entirely.

We had plans to attend our local group’s work day Sunday, but they were sidetracked by El.  She attended a pool party this weekend and was savaged by mosquito.  The bites swelled and itched and by Sunday she wasn’t in a mood to go anywhere or do anything.  So, we stayed home and I continued on an embroidery project.

These are the ‘M’s I’m embroidering which will be turned into slips and put on a Coronation gown.  They’ll be outlined in silver.  In addition to these little buggers, I have two roses to work as well.  My progress has been slow, mostly because I really screwed up theIMG_1785 first ‘M’, but I have my groove back and should easily have everything done in time.

What are you working on right now?  A project for yourself?  For someone else?

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