Worn Out

Not the title one would expect after a long weekend, but there it is.  Friday saw the end of El’s first full week of online school. I think we’ve got our feet under us now and are settling into a schedule. The thing throwing us is the work she missed the first week of school. She’s expected to make up every bit of it. ( If she’d be end the new kid at a brick & mortar school, she wouldn’t have to do this, but it’s all good.).  Looking ahead to the long weekend we all felt chuffed. El could catch up, Big B could help more with his free time and, come Monday morning, we’d all laze about.

The sniffles hit. El started on Friday followed quickly by Big B on Saturday. Between wiping noses, sneezing and feeling pretty awful, El gutted out the assignments. Come Sunday, while everyone else was mucous-y, I figured I’d gum up the works by having the mother of all migraines.

As we face Monday, El is caught up enough for me and our day will be spent doing a little patterning, a little embroidery, and a whole bunch of nose-blowing. Stay healthy, folks!

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