The weekend went by very quickly, and it was jam-packed.  We had a great time, though, and I think I’ll be spending the bulk of today doing some laundry and finishing up/starting projects that are due immediately!!


Friday we made the 5+hour drive up to Gatlinburg, TN.  The drive is just beautiful.  I love the mountains and this time of year is awesome.  Still warm during the day but nice and cool at night.

We stayed in this sweet little cabin with my family.  I wish I had taken some pictures of the interior.  It had a loft set up, lots of beautiful light wood throughout the house, wooden floors, a screened in back porch, it was just perfect.

This is just a bit of the view we had from the back porch.  I was hoping to catch a black bearDSC_0294 wandering into the yard but no such luck.  We had a really long stretch of land that we could walk on with a nice view of the mountains.  At night, we could hear coyotes in the distance.  Such an eery sound, but so cool.  There was little to no light pollution so the stars were brilliant.

As I mentioned, I wanted to catch a black bear.  The only bear I managed to DSC_0299get was this little guy.  Very cute, but a bit worn by the weather.  A stone bear is better than no bear.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early.  This was the whole reason for our visit; to watch my brother finish a half marathon.  He hadn’t run in about a month due to an injury, but he was determined to finish this race.  We made sign and El, my niece Jay. my mom and myself all hoofed it to the end of the course.  (The 2 mile mark was about 1000 feet from our cabin.)  We cheered on all the runners who passed and, at a bit past the 2:30 mark, my brother came toward us.  I’d move away from the others and ran a little with him. It was pretty clear he was in pain, but the smile on his face when he was me, then the signs, was worth the trip.

Sunday we got up well before sunrise and drove home to get El back in time for a Girl Scout meeting.  Normally, we would have stayed and had breakfast, but this meeting was super important.  El and her entire troop were transitioning from a Juniors to a Cadettes.  She was super excited about the ceremony and we didn’t want her to miss it.  We made it to the meeting by the skin of our teeth.  Afterwards, we picked up the dogs from the kennel and finally made it home to stay.

Big B has taken today off and that should help me get caught up.

Kind of a dull post, but I hope you all had a lovely and amazing weekend.

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