I really love Fall.  I love it so much that’s it’s entirely possible I’ve written this post before.  I love changing leaves, pumpkin spiced things, cooler weather and Halloween.

October is a great month.  We’re headed into our second full month of home schooling and it gets a little smoother every day.  Some days all the things get done and we get to have fun together!  Other days we move a little slower and manage to laugh while getting some school work done.

Another reason I particularly like this October is the finishing of projects.  I managed to repair a shirt for a friend and mail it off.  (Should be there on Tuesday, fingers crossed.)  I lengthened the sleeves then put the whole shirt back together.  That was a really cool challenge which, of course, I forgot to photograph.

The next project knocked off my list was a small embroidery project.  This is one of two roses I embroidered.  They were worked on linen with DMC floss.  I also did four of these little M’s,IMG_1816 alIMG_1814so worked on linen with DMC floss and silver couched all around.  I have to say that I’m not that happy with how the M’s turned out.  I don’t care for the silver I used for the couching.  It just looks so sloppy.  😦

The roses and M’s are being turned into slips and then will be put on a cloak, I believe.  Honestly, I was just thrilled to have the project done.  Not because I didn’t enjoy it but it feels so often as if I don’t finish things!  This was awesome!

This coming weekend we’re going to an SCA event.  I’m working to finish up a kirtle for myself and something pretty for El.  I have a pretty simple goal for the event, I want to play recorder at the dance that evening.  Seriously.  That’s it.  Oh, and look nice doing it.

Have a great week!

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