Not Monday, but close

This past weekend was sort of a blur.  On Friday, El and I participated in a Girl Scout event.  We made no-sew scarves for a local shelter.  Those events are fun because girls from all over our service area show up to donate their time to get the scarves made.  We left a little before the event ended but I was given to understand that our girls made a few hundred scarves.  Way to go!

On Saturday we attended an SCA event.  Actually, I spent about the first half of the event without Big B and El there.  El had a choreography rehearsal Saturday morning.  B took her to the rehearsal and I went on to the event as I’d committed to helping out.  I spent most of the day sewing/embroidering garb and chatting.  When B and El showed up that afternoon we all stayed through court then hoofed it on home.

The event was so rainy and humid!  That’s’ really a pretty gross combination in my book.  Lots of sweating to be done.  I hid in my car for about and hour just to have some cool air and a little quiet to work on the embroidery.  I spaced and did not bring my camera and my phone died on site so I have no pics of the event.  Some wonderful people were recognized and I’m sorry I didn’t get to capture those moments.

This week is dedicated to cleaning up the sewing room, starting my cool project and getting ready for the dance convention that El and I are going to.  What is it about the Fall that makes it so busy?

I hope your Fall is mellow and groovy and that you’re all enjoying the change of seasons. It’s a beautiful time of year.

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