For all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving last week, I hope you had a wonder day spent with family, friends and a ton of food.  We had a lovely day, sharing a meal at home before heading to a friend’s house for pie.  Mmm..pie.  IMG_1891

I posted a picture of our dinner because it was a yummy dinner.  We are vegetarians and I really love making our meal.  I usually try something new, throw in a vegan dish or two and make enough for us to pig out on.  This year I tried a stuffed acorn squash and it was great.  Sadly, I was the only one who like it but I’m still going to make it again.  It was just that good!

This week is off to a busy start.  I have some documentation to get written for and SCA event this coming weekend.  I haven’t entered an A&S competition in decades.  That’s not hyperbole, kids.  Literally, decades.  I’m a little nervous but I am so interested in my project that the I see the documentation of the project as just a part of the whole journey.  I’ll share pictures of my set up and the results of the judging after the weekend.

I hope you all have a lovely week!


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