This weekend we attended an event in the far reaches of the SCA Kingdom we call home.  The event was Magna Faire and, traditionally, it is an arts and sciences-centric event.  This year was no exception.

I entered the first part of my long term project for judging, the Sture Glove.  My project is divided into three parts; 1) dyeing the silk yarn for use in the glove, 2) knitting a prototype of the glove with a pattern I designed based upon the extant glove and 3) the completed piece with all the yarns and the pattern coming together to form the glove.

I put up a dry run of my set up the day before we left because, of course, I failed to take pictures at the event.  (This is becoming a habit…the forgetting of my camera.  Honestly though, I kind of don’t mind.  I get to see the event instead of view it through a lens.)  Anyway, here’s my dry run photo:

The dry run.  That’s a comment sheet on your right but I decided to leave that out.

I like the way my display looked.  I tried to keep it clean and easy to view and did the same with the documentation provided.  The judging was face to face with the judges and, in my personal opinion and past experience, that’s the best way to judge anything.  Conversation about how to improve it, tips for better dye results, stuff like that.  Of course, there are always scores you disagree with and my project is no exception.  Still, I’m excited to continue with the glove.  The pattern has been drafted out for a couple of weeks now and the prototype is already on the needles.

Court that evening was pretty long, lots of accolades to be given out.  I was really feeling my age near the end; the chairs was icky and super uncomfortable.  One of the really cool things about our current Crown is that they work super hard to stay on schedule.  I think that shows a certain level of respect for everyone at the event, it’s just a nice thing to do.  Court was scheduled to last about 2 hours and, by god, it did!

We have two weeks of school left before the Christmas break.  We’ve been re-thinking curriculum a lot lately and I’m going to take the holiday break to do a bit more research into the language arts, science and history sources we want to use.  I think El is pretty jazzed about moving away from the online public school model.  Both of us want a bit more freedom in our day and the time to pursue interests outside the state guidelines.  Plus teaching to the test goes on in spades online.  It’s pretty awful.

Before I go, I’d like to share a link with all my knitting friends.   ‘A Stitch in Time‘ has a lovely tutorial on compound knitting.  It’s a five part series and it’s fantastic.  I cannot wait to drag out some needles and have a go at it.  I hope you’ll stop over and check it out.  It’s awesome.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.  (I know that doesn’t sound right, but it’ll be okay, trust me!)  Drink lots of coffee and be excellent to each other.


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