When I went in for my annual check up in November I had blood work done, like ya do, and the results were icky.  Not only am I overweight but my cholesterol is high.  It’s not like, stroke-level high, but significantly higher than it normally is.

This bugs me.  I know all the things go down hill as you age, but I always hoped my cholesterol would be pretty good.  I’ve been a vegetarian for a pretty long time.  If I’m honest, my diet is about 65% animal product free.  (Can one be partially vegan?  I don’t know.)  But, if I’m even more honest, my downfall are sweets and junk food.  Lots and lots of junk food contain no animal products, just as many sweets contain no animal products.  It really seems unfair!

I’m trying to eat in a more healthy fashion.  Dramatically decrease my processed food intake, weed out any other animal products I’m consuming and exercise.  IMG_0138It’s been hard.  Really hard.  But this little drink helps a lot!

This is one of my favorite smoothies.  It’s made with frozen banana, almond milk, chia seeds and matcha.  Not too sweet but just enough sweet to make me happy.  I try to substitute a meal with one of these suckers.  Yum!

If you find yourself in my position, a bit overweight with crap cholesterol, don’t panic!  Change what you can a day at a time.  Nothing will be solved overnight but just taking those first steps forward are the best way to make a difference.  (I’m going to keep telling myself that through the holidays…and around all those cookies.)


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