I hope all of you had a lovely holiday, that it was filled with love and peace.  We had a great holiday.  We were lazy, ate way too much, laughed a lot and loved hanging out together.

The new year has gotten off to a pretty good start.  I’ve made significant progress on a big fiber project of mine, managed to get a fabulous job which will allow me to work from home, and El is doing well in dance.

With the sweet comes the sour and, on the sour end of things Big B broke his toe on New Years Eve and has recently injured his back.  The back thing has left missing a week of work and pretty much immobilized.  Frankly, it could be a whole lot worse.  We have very good insurance and he was able to get the meds he needed to get through this.

So, moving forward, we are going to Gulf Wars this year.  I haven’t been to a big war in…well, decades!  I don’t have as much sewing to do for it as I thought but I could be wrong.  My goal is to pace myself in terms of sewing.  I also have a number of other projects going but I’m going to get things done as I can and not stress over the things I cannot get done.

See?  Doesn’t that sound reasonable?  Let’s see how long the flash of reason lasts.



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