Criticism is something that all of us face at one time in our lives.  Criticism comes in many forms and from every area of life.  We have our self-critic, critics in our professional lives  or criticism of a project that we’ve worked on.  No matter where it comes from, there can always be a momentary sting when it’s delivered.  No one likes to have perceived mistakes pointed out, but, if done correctly, the critiques offered can lead to a great deal of improvement.

Although there are people in the world who feel it is their moral duty to offer criticism to everyone about everything, there are just as many people who will provide gentle assistance and positive ways to improve.

This weekend, I’m attending an arts and sciences event.  Yes, I do have a display and yes, I do expect my work to be judged/critiqued.  In the past, when I was much younger, I tended to take remarks personally.  To believe that, somehow, the criticism offered was a personal insult.  Many times, that was exactly how it was intended.  But just as often it was intended to encourage.

When facing criticism, it is important to distinguish between the helpful and the harmful. Try to go into any situation with the notion that the person delivering the message has positive intentions.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and, if you disagree, say so!  Be polite, but state your case.  At the end of the day, the harshest critic is the only one you have to please:  that’s  you.

The dyed yarns I’m entering this weekend.  My inner critic is pretty happy with these.  

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