Spring Fever?

Oh I have a Spring fever, alright.  The kind that leaves one wishing that Spring would come on then bug out!

Who knew the month of February would be so nuts followed quickly by the insanity that will be March?  I have the sincere hope that I will get a chance to breathe in April.  It’s a simple goal, but one that I really want to achieve.

Even though February was crazy and March promises to be just as nuts, it’s been a good kind of nuts.  First awesome thing was that I got a job!  The best part of the job is that I work from home.  Seriously.  Sure, it’s contract work and, without a contract I’m not earning anything, but I can choose what I take and there’s always a job available somewhere!  I am Speech-Language Pathologist for a company that provides services to remote clients, homeschooled kids, school districts who need coverage…just a real grab bag of opportunities.  Some of our therapists live in Europe, some in Canada and some in the U.S.  It’s a great company and, honestly, I haven’t felt this thrilled about a company in a very long time!  I plan on staying with these guys as long as they’ll have me.

The Kingdom in which I reside recently made history.  For the very first time, a rapier only event was held!  It’s a serious and awesome milestone for our rapier community.  I dusted off my gear and joined in the fun.  I volunteered to help and my help took on the form of making the banner for the champion of the event.  On the whole, I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.  (And there’s no way I could have done this without Big B’s help.  He’s my math guy and helpeIMG_1956d me figure the numbers we needed to enlarge the chosen font.)

I knew that this banner might see some wear, so I used acrylic paint with a fabric medium.  It’s painted on a fairly lightweight cotton, so I could saturate the fabric, and backed with a slightly heavier cotton.  I forgot to put my maker’s mark on the back.  Maybe next time?

Speaking of next time, if I had the chance to do it again, I’d cut all the letters from felt and appliqué the whole thing.  It would take longer, but look much better!

Heading into March we’ve had dance competitions for El, (the second one is coming up this weekend) and prepping for Gulf War.  I’m excited/nervous about Gulf War but I think we’ll have a lot of fun.  I just hope the weather is nice!  I want to be able to take some pictures.  I’m arming El with a camera as well.  Most folks overlook kids and she can get some really interesting, candid shots of people.

I hope you are enjoying warmer weather wherever you are and that you are busy in a fun and positive way!

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