Only two things are certain in life. Okay, maybe three…

The two things are, of course, death and taxes.  But I need to add a third; Post-War Plague.

It seems any time one attends a really large event, someone gets sick once they’re home.  Maybe it’s the body coming down off the stress of getting ready, the highs of seeing old friends.  Maybe it’s a big concentration of cooties all in one place and they come home with you.  Either way, I’ve got two sick folks on my hands.  El started Sunday feeling run down.  By Monday evening she was coughing and congested and, by the evening, she was running a low fever.

Big B is home sick as well, being felled by a nasty sinus headache.  El is trying to work on some schoolwork while lying down.  Big B is passed out on the sofa, congested and sad.

I feel like I might be on borrowed time,  y’all.  Light a candle for me.

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