I’ve missed writing and posting here.  To say 2016 has been a rough year for us might easily be an understatement.  Rather than provide a year-end re-cap; (I can start that in the last half of December as we move closer to the new year) I just want to focus on the things that I’m grateful for.  All the little things that still give me joy.  I’m posting one thing on my FB page and something different here on my blog.  Some might be related to things on the creative side of the house, others just daily observations.  Either way it seems a nice effort to stave off the darkness that so many of us feel these days.  (Especially when we watch the news or anything on politics.  Let’s just stay away from that for a bit.)

Today I am grateful that I get to work from home.  There’s nothing like being able to grab my coffee, throw a work appropriate shirt on and do my job in pajama bottoms and fuzzy slippers.  (Business on top and a party on the bottom!)  It feels a little decadent sometimes, but pretty darn awesome.




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