A few decades ago, a well-known comedian once mused that the United States was a bit like the Jethro of the international community, rope belt and all.  Jethro was big, clumsy, and didn’t always say or do the right thing but always offered his goofy smile and a  willijethro_bodinengness to help.  It’s an accurate comparison; the United States tries to help our own and others.  We aren’t perfect or without our own motives, that’s true of all nations, but we did try.  We tried very hard.

Today I feel as though I’ve lost Jethro.  Jethro has been replaced by the greedy bankers who spent all their time trying to steal money from the hillbillies.  Jethro, goofy as he was, always found a way to save them.

I don’t know what the future holds.  I have done my share of engaging in hyperbolic speech and a strong desire to relocate.  I do know that right now, at this moment, I’d give anything to have Jethro back.


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